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Pulse Event Medical Services are a Pre-hospital emergency care council (PHECC) approved clinical practice guideline (CPG) provider, a guaranteed Irish company we are leading the way in the delivery of pre-hospital emergency care services, health care consultancy and emergency care equipment to organisations and events throughout Ireland. Pulse EMS delivers our services at a time and in a manner to suit the needs of your organisation or event.

Pulse EMS only use qualified, Garda vetted and State registered health care professionals in the areas of pre-hospital emergency care and extensive medical support. Our services are customised to meet the needs of our clients so you get exactly what you need, when you need it. We provide bespoke and tailored on-site medical support for one-off events or to assist in fulfilling organisations ongoing first aid and medical requirements. Established by pre-hospital professionals with extensive emergency service backgrounds, Pulse EMS assesses your organisations and/or events specific requirements utilising smart risk assessment tools to determine what medical response you require. Pulse EMS can provide you with a detailed risk assessment covering all aspects of event emergency planning and site specific medical support. With the appropriate medical support your organisation minimises its exposure to risk and fulfils both legal and moral responsibilities of care to your patrons, staff and stakeholders.

Our medical indemnity insurance protects our Advanced Paramedics, Paramedics and EMT’s and also protects the client and the public against unlikely breaches of professional duties in relation to the provision of pre-hospital emergency care. Pulse EMS also carries public liability and employer’s liability insurance and our panel of skilled Doctors and Nurses are also fully indemnified through their respective medical defence organisations and statutory governing agencies.

Our Services and the Benefits

Medical and trauma related emergencies can occur at any time, the likelihood of these incidents occurring increases when you have large gatherings of people in one place, similarly environments that pose a potential occupational risk require on-site and immediate access to emergency medical care.

The overriding goal of having on-site pre-hospital emergency care means those that require medical assistance get it promptly, the benefits means patient outcomes improve and in life threatening scenarios may very well save a life. Offering a diverse range of medical support means that Pulse EMS can provide a higher level of clinical care to every patient we have contact with in the delivery of our services. Having access to and being capable of deploying medical professionals from a variety of clinical levels means Pulse EMS are a natural choice for event planners and organisations.

For more information regarding our Event Medical Services contact our sales team email: or alternatively phone: 01 612 0012

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